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Apostille Training 

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I believe that a strong, faithful, and caring culture is essential to our ultimate success.

I resolve to serve you with the utmost excellence & value!

My utmost aim in life is to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to me. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with me, our business, and our academy.
Therefore, I aim to be America's best Apostille Agency & Training Academy. I am in the business of training individuals to apostille and authenticate U.S. documents for their clients in the most excellent, effective, and efficient manner.   


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Apostille Training Courses

Take advantage of learning the comprehensive step-by-step fundamentals of processing Apostilles and the essential keys of building a successful Apostille business.

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Take advantage of having all of your questions answered with our ongoing mentorship, training, networking, and support throughout the journey of your Apostille business.

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Join our Team and collaborate with a power team of other Apostille Agents around the the country. We are better together.


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COURSE 1 - The Fundamentals of Apostilles

Understand the fundamentals of Apostilles and the major types of signature authentications. In this Course I will teach you the comprehensive step-by-step instructions of  processing State Apostilles, Federal Authentications, and Embassy/Consulate Legalizations.
As an added bonus: I will also supply you with: 
  • Essential Flow Charts
  • Handbook Downloads
  • Essential Client Forms
  • Downloadable Pricing Placards
  • Multiple Mock-Scenario Demonstrations 
All graduates will receive an Apostille Agent Certificate.
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COURSE 2 - The Professional Apostille Agent

Understand business basics  and essential strategies to establishing a profitable Apostille business such as:
  • Discovering Your Niche
  • Establishing Key Business Partners,
  • Establishing Key Business Vendors
  • Establishing Key Marketing Strategies
  • Establishing Key Workflow Systems
As an added bonus: I will also teach you my popular 3-D Time Management System I have used everyday managing my busy schedule as a faithful husband, pastor, and multi-business entrepreneur. 
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Income Potential of an Apostille Agent

* Based on Gross Revenue for the most basic Apostille processed in most States

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